How to mod an xbox 360

how to mod an xbox 360

How to mod an xbox 360
Warning this will void your warrenty!
I am stevenn21 and this tutorial is on how to mod an XBOX 360.
Before i start i want to say this is not the cheapest way to mod an xbox 360 but its the best and safest way.
Modding your xbox 360 this way will NOT get you baned from xbox live.
Also i will tell you which mods will get you banned and which are dangerouse later in the tutorial.
To mod your xbox 360 in this way will cost around £60-£70 (assuming you already have an xbox 360 with controller(s) a dremel and a vacume cleaner).
I will only be spray painting the controllers not upgrading them to rapidfire.
Here is a list of things you will need before starting:
__________________________________________________ ________________________________
1 xbox 360
wireless controller(s)
1 xbox 360 case opening tool (available on ebay)
1 torx T10 screwdriver (available on ebay)
1 torx T8 screwdriver
1vacume cleaner with brush attachment
1 dremel rotary tool with attachments (cutting disc, sanding bits,) get the accesory kit (available on ebay)
1 hot glue gun with glue (available on ebay)
2 sheets of sandpaper 1 medium (grade 80) and 1 fine (grade 180) (available on ebay)
1 sanding block (a peice of wood)
1 sheet sander (optional)
1 needle file set (available on ebay)
1 small flat headed screwdriver
1 or 2large metal files (available on ebay)
1 400ml can of HYCOT spray paint primer
1 400ml can of HYCOT spray paint (colour you want the case to be)
1 400ml can of HYCOT spray paint clear laquer (I RECOMMEND USING THE SAME BRAND PAINT FROM PRIMER TO MAIN COLOR TO LAQUER) (available on ebay)
1 peice of clear perspex size 9“ x 7.5“ x 3mm (available on ebay)
1 Nexilux Smart LED Storm V2 for XBOX 360 (available on ebay)
1 clear disc drive lid for xbox 360 (available on ebay)

(The clear disc drive lid will only fit the Samsung Hitachi, BenQ, and Lite-On drives.
It will NOT fit the Samsung or Toshiba drives i will show you how to mod theese drives when we come to the drives).

1 modded ring of light RF board (power button) modded with colours of choice you can buy theese on ebay already modded (available on ebay).
You can buy kits and do it yourself but it’s very hard to get right and i will NOT be covering that in this tutorial so buy it already modded.
__________________________________________________ ________________________________

Step 1: opening the case

1 remove hard drive Just press the button and pull it off

2 pull off the face plate

3 peel off the microsoft sticker

4. Now, to remove the pieces you will need a small pointed object such as a small screwdriver or the opening tool.
You will now need to locate the plastic tabs within the wholes and push them in with your pointed object.
Each piece has three tabs per side totaling 6 tabs for each piece.
On the piece that holds the Harddrive, it can be easier to get the two tabs by going inside and pulling them out (shown below).
To remove the last top grey piece, you will need to remove the rubber pad covering the hole. Also, use a spare screwdriver or other object to hold up the popped tabs

open the clips on the front of the console
5 turn the console around to the back and use your xbox 360 opening tool to open the back of the case

6 remove theese screws with the torx T10 screwdriver

Making the window in the top of your xbox 360 case
before we get started first we have to remove the metal piece that is under the top of the cover. To do this just give it a good yank it and should snap right off. This piece is no use to us.

Make sure your window is smaller than your plexi glass

1. Decide what type of window you want and sketch it out on a piece of card.
2. Once you are happy with what you sketched now you want to cut out the windows in the piece of card.
3. Trace the design on to the xbox 360 and make sure everything is straight and parallel like you want it.
4. Use a dremel with the cutting well on a low speed to cut about 3-5mm away from your line.
5. Once you have cut out the window(s) take your metal file and file down your cuts until they are about 1mm from the lines then take your sanding block with the medium grit paper (grit 80) and sand it down to the lines. Next file (with your needle files) and sand down your corners until they are also smooth and on the line.
6. Once you are happy with your window take the sanding block (or the sheet sander) and sand the whole of the outside surface of the case ready for painting.

Preparing the back of the case for the plexiglass window fitting

Before we install this I am assuming that you have already got a sheet of plexi glass cut to the right dimensions of 9“ x 7.5“ x 3mm.

1. Flip the cover that we just got done cutting hole in upside down.
2. Measure and mark 9“ x 7.5“ x 3mm and make sure it is centered an even all around
3. Now we need to cut anything out that will prevent use from allow the plexi glass to lay evenly, so with the dremel get to work and sand out anything that sticks up above the surface. NOTE: The 2 screw holes in the middle are no use to us and we can cut them out, but make sure that all 4 corner screw holes are left alone.
4. Sand down all the rough cuts so everything is nice and smooth
5. Test to see if your plexiglass will fit in the area that you cut out for it.
Before you go any further prime , paint and clear laquer your case following the guidelines on the product make sure you don’t paint it for at least 24hrs after priming and don’t clear laquer it for at least 24 hrs after painting it then leave it 24hrs after the laquer was applied so it can harden! also sand and paint the controllers at the same time!


6. remove the plastic protective covering from both sides of the plexi glass
7.Attach the plexi glass to the cover with hot glue around all the edges and anywhere else you can get it without it being visible.

Installing the new RF board

1. unscrew the screws holdng the RF bard inplace and pull it off

2. pop the new one in and screw the screw back in

Installing the led lights

1.be careful when handling your drive don’t drop it
2. remove the black sata 2 socket from the back of the drive and remove the other socket from the main board
3. plugin the Nexilux Smart LED Storm V2 for XBOX 360 into the socket on the main board that you just removed the drive from and plug the socket which you unpluged in to the spare connector on the Nexilux Smart LED Storm V2 for XBOX 360

4. plug the power cable into the back of the console and the hdmi (or whatever cable you usally plug into the tv)plug the black sata 2 cable back into the drive and turn the console on with the small flat screwdriver
5. use the remote that came with the Nexilux Smart LED Storm V2 for XBOX 360 to test the lights work fine

6.once you are satisfied the lights work remove the power cable and tv cable
7.remove the paper from the sticker on the lights and secure the lights to the inner metal sides of the console

Installing the clear disc drive lid

Note: if you have a Samsung or Toshiba drive this clear disc drive lid won’t fit your drive i will show you what to do instead.

Note: when you buy this clear drive lid they will send you 2 diffrent ones but only 1 will fit your drive the other 1 is for a diffrent brand drive.

1. turn the drive upside down and remove the 4 screws this will remove the casing from the drive
2. cut the round centering disc out of the casing you will need it to go in the clear lid if you have a Samsung or Toshiba drive dont cut the disc out of your casing leave it alone!

3. put the centering disc you cut out of your casing into the clear lid and attach the lid to the top of the drive there are 2 clips that attach to the drive on each side

carefully remove the dust from the console with a vacume cleaner with brush attachment be careful

put your console back together because you are finished!

__________________________________________________ ______________________________if if you have aSamsung or Toshiba drive follow theese steps:

Now we are going to cut a hole in the housing that we just removed so you can the the disk spin when playing youXbox 360!

1. Remove all of the stickers in the housing
2. Mark where you are going to cut using a sharpie and an old CD.

3. Make sure when you are cutting you xbox 360 or dvd drive is no where close so dirt and metal shavings don’t fly into it!
4. Cut out the hole with a dremel and a cutting wheel but make sure not to touch the middle circle that helps keep the disk in place while spinning
5. Sand you cuts down so they are nice and smooth
6. paint the remaining part of the lid
your drive will look like this

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